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Environmental Philosophy

As a proud member of the landscape and horticultural industry, Fullerton Grounds Maintenance takes its role as a steward of the land very seriously. Sustainability is at the forefront of our efforts and our staff is dedicated to providing environment-supportive services.

One of the many ways FGM is doing its part is through in-house recycling and repurposing. We make our own mulch using discarded tree and plant debris and screen topsoil leftover from excavating jobs for reuse in future projects. We also repurpose materials whenever possible. If there is potential to relocate existing plants and/or reuse hardscape materials we will propose ways in which these resources can be incorporated into your new project, providing solutions that not only support the environment, but that help our clients cut back on the cost of materials.

Furthermore, all plant suggestions are made with the goal of sustainability in mind. FGM uses only the healthiest plants, trees and shrubs to avoid the need for chemical use. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) division team carefully monitors both existing and newly-installed plant materials in an effort to promote optimal health without the use of chemicals. In instances where chemical treatment is required, our in-house NJ state licensed experts will supervise application to ensure that the safest products available are dispersed in an environmentally responsible fashion.